Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parmesan Polenta and Eggs

Cereal for breakfast every morning gets old after a while, so this morning I decided to try something different. I love polenta, particularly because it is such a versatile dish that works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It also can take on the flavor of just about anything, and it's especially good with cheese! We used parmesan in this dish, but when I make it again (which I definitely will), I will be using cheddar if it's a breakfast dish. The parmesan was just not right for breakfast. But the gooey egg and green onions were amazing. Chives would be great too, or a little bit of dill. Mmm, can't wait to try it again with different variations!

Parmesan Polenta and Eggs

Polenta, prepared according to package directions (or cornmeal prepared as cornmeal mush)
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 egg per serving
Chopped green onions

Prepare polenta or cornmeal according to package directions.

Add in parmesan cheese and stir to combine.

Cook eggs over-easy or sunnyside-up. Make one egg per person or per serving. To serve: Spoon a generous amount of polenta on a plate and top with egg and chopped green onions. Break the yoke to get the gooey deliciousness and enjoy!

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  1. I saw the picture for this while looking for a breakfast polenta recipe and thought it looked amazing. I tried the cheddar as you suggested and it was fantastic! Thanks for the recipe.